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Building a Successful Enterprise Web Application for Your Business

Enterprise Web Applications play a crucial role in the effective functioning of businesses. They help in information sharing within the organization, thereby streamlining complex business processes. This not only results in increased efficiency but also saves time and money. Enterprise applications also help address shifts in the market, reputation management issues, supply chain disruption, etc. This enables organizations to identify more opportunities quickly. Let’s take a look at the important

5 Quick Tips About Software Development

Software Development requires a lot of effort & creative thinking. A successful software development doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the combined effort of the right technical resources, tools, and the knowledge of expert professionals. But every once in a while obstacles arise. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re better prepared to deal with them. Here are five tips that you can follow before you start the software development. Conduct

How to Accelerate Business Growth Using Mobile Technology

Mobile is the new value proposition separator between businesses that want new growth, and businesses that deliver new growth. Mobile is touching every facet of our lives, from the time we get up in the morning to peruse the latest headlines, to reading our current must-read novel by the fireplace after dinner. Mobile is here – its progress is undeniable and businesses who want to gain the competitive advantage are

The Benefits of Open Source Technology

The Benefits of Open Source Technology Open source is a form of software and web development that utilizes free, openly available software. It was born from a desire and need by some developers to create software that can be easily accessed and shared free by anyone wanting to use the platform. It also allows developers to freely modify and improve the software over time. Some examples of Open Source software

Key Benefits of Custom Software Development

I wouldn’t place any bets whether there is a single business in this country today not using some form of software to run their business. Is there anyone out there not using Microsoft / Mac office software and some form of webmail to run their business? If there are, I’ll buy you a steak dinner. So, is there ever a need to go beyond “off-the-shelf” software to run a business?

Web Application Development – The Next Decade

One of the running mantra’s in our WebStar offices today is “What’s possible today was not possible five years ago, and what was possible five years ago wasn’t possible twenty years ago”. How very true this is. Twenty-five years ago, there were very few web applications on the net. In fact, we were all mudding up the waters with HTML 1 (Don’t get me started). Back when the films like

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