iBeacon App Development

iBeacon App Development: Step-up with updated technology!


iBeacon is a wireless device which broadcasts signals to nearby tablets and smart phones. With the right technical partner, Business enterprise can gain the potential customers and be one of the leaders in the market.

iBeacon Enterprise Application for the gaining user engagement!

iBeacon apps are useful for all small, medium and large enterprise. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy is the other name for iBeacon which has a good battery life with average of minimum 6 to 8 months of changeable time period. We have experienced iBeacon developers for the development of iBeacon Enterprise Development Solution.

With the several features of iBeacon, one special advantage would be its real time tracking feature which makes it possible to track the real time location of users through the app. It also allows personalizing interactions with users in the locality.

Some of the unmatchable features include:

  • Real time notification
  • Value added experience
  • Accurate proximity checking
  • Cross platform compatibility

Apart from these services, some other areas where the app could be useful are mobile payments, location information, vehicle tracking, document transfer, discount notifications, indoor navigations and maps. One can decide on different services under the giant umbrella of iBeacon services.